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Geometric Tile Stencil Set

Sku: TL003
This Stencil Kit Contains 6 Tile Stencils:

Single Overlay Stencils

6"x6" tile design size
Medium: 8"x8" tile design size

Tile Frame stencil is included for FREE!SaveSave
Our Geometric Tiles stencil kit is a perfect choice for a trendy chic makeover! We combined a few popular geometric pattern tile designs into one versatile stencil kit to make it easy for you to stencil a gorgeous accent wall, backsplash, staircase, table top or floor!  What a great money saver: you get the look of beautiful tiles without the hassle and the expense of installing the real ones! Plus, when you'll be ready to re-decorate, the future makeover is as easy as a 2 coats of paint... This geometric tile stencil kit works great for traditional and contemporary room settings - just use various color combinations. The most trendy color combos include soft greys and taupes and also variations of traditional deep blue color. Use stencil brushes for a multi-color look, or simply roll with a dense foam roller for a monochromatic effect. This trendy stencil set is guaranteed to make a statement in your space! Patchwork tiles are all the rage in today's decor!

You can create really stunning stenciled stairs with these tile stencils! 6" size fits risers on most staircases.

We offer this tile stencil kit in 2 sizes: 6" and 8". Larger tiles are best for the stenciled floors, but will look great on a wall too. Use smaller tiles for the backslashes and stenciled stairs.
We also include a free Tile Frame stencil in the kit so you can block the perfect background color for your tile!

For expert stenciling tips, please watch our How-to stencil videos! You'll find them extremely helpful for your stenciling project. Even beginners get great results!

Although most of our stencils do not require the use of spray adhesive, if your walls have a texture to them, it might be a good idea to use spray adhesive to help minimize paint seepage (Elmer's spray adhesive seems to be the best). Make sure you shake the can well and lightly mist (not drench) the stencil, and let it dry for a moment before positioning it on the wall. This step will prevent the adhesive residue transferring to the wall. You'll need to re-mist the stencil after a few repeats. Note: you will still need to hold the stencil in place with a few pieces of blue painters tape! Adhesive by itself is not enough to hold the stencil on the wall. Clean-up tip: Spray the stencil with Simple Green to help to remove adhesive residue and let it sit for a while before cleaning with soap and water. Please note that it is virtually impossible to get rid of all adhesive residue. That's why we personally prefer not to use it and just stick with painter's tape!

Stenciling on rough or textured walls may contribute to increased paint bleed. For more information on stenciling on textured walls, see our F.A.Q. section.

About seepage and imperfections: Even with a proper loaded roller and correct technique you might get some minor paint seepage here and there. In most cases it's not noticeable, especially from a couple of feet away and it can be easily touched up with a small brush. Don't forget that you're creating a "hand-painted wall finish".  A few imperfections and some paint seepage here and there are natural and inevitable for this type of work. To avoid seepage, use spray adhesive and less paint on your roller and brush.

Did you know you can stencil your own fabric and use it for curtains, tablecloths, pillows, etc.? When stenciling on fabric, please use stencil adhesive to ensure good results. First, tape your ironed fabric to the surface so it doesn't move around while you stencil. You'll get better results with stencil brushes, but sometimes roller can work too, depending on your fabric.  Add some textile medium ( sold in craft stores) to your acrylic paint. You can also get a specially formulated fabric paint, but, frankly, good craft acrylic paint with a dollop of textile medium mixed in works just as well, and costs way less! :)  Let the stenciled image dry completely, 24 hours is best, then heat-set it by ironing the fabric for about 20-30 seconds on a LOW setting through the piece of cloth. Heat-setting will cure the paint and will prevent it from being washed off in the washing machine. Always experiment with a sample of your fabric first to ensure good results. We have stenciled on silk, cotton, linen and even sheer fabrics with great results. It's always better if your fabric doesn't have too much texture.

Our stencils are made to last and with proper care and storage will serve you for long time.


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