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Ambrosia Moroccan Tile Pattern

Sku: DA205
Single overlay allover stencil.
Sheet: 25"x38.5", Design: 22"x34.5"
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Our Moroccan-inspired Tile stencil Ambrosia is a great choice to create a unique look for your walls or floors. Moroccan designs are super popular, as they bring an exotic flare to any interior. Our Wall stencils and Tile patterns offer complete customization of your space with unlimited paint choices to perfectly match your decor and taste! Stencils are so much better than trying to install wallpaper, or re-tile a floor!

Registration is built into this stencil tile design for ease of installation, simply use previously painted parts of the stencil to align it. Please follow the pictures that show alignment.

This Tile stencil pattern comes with a Free Top Edge stencil: the top part of the design cut as a separate smaller stencil. It makes it easy while stenciling a wall to fill the gaps in the pattern close to the ceiling edge. To see how to use Top Edge stencils, click here for Illustrated instructions: Using Top Edge Stencils

We recommend using this wall stencil with our innovative  Clip-On Stencil Level, (sold separately) and discover how easy it is to achieve perfectly level wall pattern without dealing with bulky and heavy bubble levels!

Which stencil paint to use? You can stencil with acrylic or latex paint, stencil creams, glaze, etc. It's best to have your walls painted in flat latex paint as it makes a perfect base coat for stenciling. For stenciling on tile floors, use Stix adhesive primer as your base coat, tinted to the color of your choice and then stencil with latex or acrylics as usual. We do not recommend oil paint or spray paint for stenciling. Use a dense foam roller or stencil brush.  If you want nice crisp edges, using spray adhesive may be very helpful (Elmer's seems to be the best) to ensure minimal bleed. 

The main rule of stenciling is to use less paint! Please take care not to over-load your roller or brush with paint and not to press hard on a roller while stenciling. Always blot off the extra paint onto a folded paper towel before rolling over the stencil.

Please watch our short step-by-step Video Tutorials! You'll quickly learn How to stencil and will find them extremely helpful for your stenciling project. Even beginners get great results!
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