Accent Pillow and Tote Supplies

Paint-a-Pillow Stencil Frame for Pillow Cases and Totes

*Accent pillow kits are shipped to USA and Canada only.
Sku: SU039
Our Paint-A-Pillow Stencil Frame works with our Paint-A-Pillow system. The frame holds the pillow cover or tote securely in place and helps the stencil stay put without the use of any tape or spray adhesive. This allows you to stencil your design right to the edge of the pillow cover or tote without the borders created when using tape! SaveSave
Here we have our patent pending Paint-A-Pillow Stenciling Frame. This innovative frame allows you to stencil right to the edge of the pillow cover or tote for a complete look without borders or gaps, since no tape is necessary to hold the stencil to fabric!

Drop the pillow cover or tote (with cardboard insert) into the recessed opening and then place the stencil over the tabs. Bend the tabs outwards to secure the stencil and you're ready to stencil! Our Paint-A-Pillow frame makes it fun and easy to make DIY accent pillows and totes! Made of recycled corrugated cardboard with solid brass tabs.

The Stenciling Frame comes with a slit at the top for the tote handles. This helps the tote lay flat against the cardboard, which, in turn, helps the stencil lay flat against the tote. If stenciling a tote, please make sure that the handles are inserted through the slot and are flattened against the back side of the frame.
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