Ceiling Medallion Stencils

The Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil

Sku: MC001
Single overlay stencil design.
Sheet size: 22"x40"
Design size: 17.7"x36"
Finished Medallion is 36" in diameter.

Stencil consists of 1 half of the medallion. Rotate the stencil to complete the design.
This elegant Georgian Medallion adds instant class to your room. Stencil it around a light fixture, or simply place it in the middle of a ceiling. Works great for floors, too. Use it with or without the center part. Stunning in gold metallics, also try experimenting with drop shadow effect.  We recommend using stencil spray adhesive when working with ceiling stencil designs (yes, gravity force definitely works against us!), but painters blue tape works OK too.

Want to learn the easiest stenciling technique? Here are the detailed illustrated Roller Stenciling Tips.

The stencil is made out of durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material. This material is strong but flexible, reusable and easy to clean. We love it so much more than standard 8 mil Mylar! It's not brittle, user friendly and just so easy to work with. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior than any other stencil material we used. Our customers love it too, and we are sure that you'll notice the difference! Our stencils will last a long time and are a pleasure to use.

Our professional decorative painting company, SpecFin Designs, has been a leader in decorative and faux painting for over 20 years in NYC/NJ Metropolitan area. After many years of painting we finally decided to open a stencil company and start selling our stencils to other artists and craftsmen. You can see many beautiful examples of our stenciled projects by visiting www.specfindesigns.com. Please browse our extensive portfolio and feel free to use it for your inspiration!

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