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Clip-On Stencil Level

Sku: SU007
Innovative, simple, elegant solution to your stencil leveling problems:
This awesome tool can save you hours and even days on your next stenciling project. Our decorative painting crew loves it!
Positioning and leveling your wallpaper stencils got so much easier with Cutting Edge Stencils innovative and exclusive CLIP-ON STENCIL LEVEL! (pat. pend.)

No longer do you need to fumble with bulky levels, tangled plumb bobs or expensive laser levels. Simply slide our stencil level onto your stencil, center it and press it down so it seats firmly on the top of the stencil.

Now, position your wall stencil on the wall and adjust it until the bubble is centered between the black lines on the level. Secure the leveled stencil with a few pieces of low tack tape (we use blue painters tape), and you're ready to roll!

No need to remove the level while painting. It's so lightweight that it can stay clipped to your wall stencil for the entire project.

And now you can roll or brush your stencil. When you are finished, simply remove the stencil, reposition, and repeat. It's that easy!

Great for modern stencil patterns, damask stencils, border stencils, stripe stencils, panels, and any ornament or motif that needs to be level.

Pro Tip: When stenciling the top of the wall near the crown molding, attach the stencil level to the bottom of the stencil so it's not in your way. This innovative tool can save you hours and even days on your next stenciling project.


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