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Tulip Fabric Markers for Accent Pillows - Fine Tip - Assorted 12-pack


*Accent pillow kits are shipped to USA and Canada only.
Sku: SU036
Permanent fabric markers, great for accent pillow embellishment! Pack of 12.
Use these fine-tip Fabric Markers to add color and detail to your stenciled pillow project. Personalize and individualize your Paint-A-Pillow project with these 12 beautiful, vivid colors! Whether drawing, doodling or coloring, you can count on these easy-to-use nontoxic Fabric Markers for true, permanent color that lasts.

All inks are nontoxic and machine washable. No heat-setting required! Not recommended for children under 5.


Markers work on most fabrics and are fade-resistant; test before using. Can also be used on wood, leather and other natural fabrics.

Fine bullet tip is perfect for writing, doodling and creating detailed designs.

If tip of marker becomes dry, dip in water to reactivate.

Create watercolor effects by brushing water onto fabric then applying color, or after applying color to fabric, before color has dried. While color is still wet, other colors can be blended into design to create shading and new colors.

Fabric Markers work great with stencils.

Can be used to add color to stamps for pressing onto fabric.

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