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Stencil Essentials

Sku: SU008
Stencil Essential Kit (save 10%!)
Dense foam 4" roller with red or blue handle
Natural 5/8" White Bristle Stencil Brush
Clip-on Stencil level

This Stencil Essentials Kit contains all 3 necessary tools for your DIY stenciling project. Save 10% off the price if purchased separately!

Dense Foam Roller. The easiest and fastest way to apply a stenciled image to a wall. Perfect for wall stencils, allover patterns such as damask and scroll, faux frescoes and mural stencils.

Natural 5/8" White Bristle Stencil Brush. Good quality stencil brush with soft white natural bristle, perfect for finishing edges and corners, and for shading and smooth color blending.

Our Innovative Clip-on Stencil Level. Clips to the edge of your stencil and eliminates the need for bulky bubble levels and string plum-bobs. Huge time-saver! Get perfectly leveled stencil pattern every time. Great for geometric stencil patterns, damask stencils, stencil borders, stripe stencils, French panels and any stencil ornament that needs to be level.

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